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Ȋ̶̛͉͎̭̖̘̣͈͙͉͋́͐̕S̵͍̐̈́Ȏ̷̪̂͑͜͝͝L̶̢̡̰̘̙̳̻̮̻̃̐̊A̶̛͈̪͖̘͖̬͓͐Ț̸̛̘̥̩̞̟̉̏͠I̵̡̡̬͈̥̩̻͔̕̕O̸̧̙̻̐̎͐̑͌͝N̵̥̣͙͍͔̉́̍̌̓͗̇ ̷̷̧̛̺̱͎̗̲̟̻̰̦̘̟̿̽͆̔͊͛̾͝ ̶͔̜͈͙̣̤̫̄́S̵͍̐̈́T̴̗̻͙̏̅͋̑̈́̅̇̕ͅȖ̶̡̧̻̞̳̱̫̬͖́̓̽̌̕D̷̳͕̓͆̾͋̇̍̍̂̉͑Į̴͇̥̪̖̩̹̘͍͆̃̀̏̕͝͝E̵̡̛̗̞̻͓͂̈́Ṡ̶̺̬̣̙̇̄͠



My art is an extension of myself and my daily practices. I strive to produce works that represent functionality and modularity while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of curiosity and experimentation in art and in our society. I create digital art utilizing tools such as: video, sound, projection, lighting, and code based software. My professional background in the live events industry influences the work I produce along with my creative process and how I approach and troubleshoot different ideas. The innovation, creation, and growth within the live events and tech industry also influences my work. Both industries are constantly presenting new ideas and concepts to challenge us as individuals and artists of the future. 



Isolation Studies is an archive of works I have created while remaining at home during the global pandemic. The pieces in this digital collection reflect back on the past year and the struggles I have been challenged with. Whether it be dealing with the prominent vacancy of social  interaction, lack of mental stimulation, or just my constant curiosity toward the world; this collection pushed me both physically and mentally to think outside the box and reconsider the way interaction is typically perceived, particularly between humans and digital devices. 

Isolation Studies: ZipFileReal time computer generated graphic & video, 720p 00:01:39
01xnterchange2021, Real time computer generated graphic, variable dimensions and time
02xnterchange, 2021, Real time computer generated graphic, variable dimensions and time
03xnterchange 2021, Real time computer generated graphic, variable dimensions and time


The series xnterchange plays off ASCII, a character encoding standard for electronic communication. These codes typically represent text in computers, phones, and other daily devices we use. I wanted to create pieces that deal with communication and its evolution throughout our history. Xnterchange has no definite form or restraint, it can be manipulated and altered in anyway; making it appropriate for this concept both in functionality and design. The videos shared above are examples of different operators and text plugins I have tested throughout the months.

Cubin Around the Noise, 2021, Real time interactive computer generated graphic, variable dimensions and time

In Cubin Around I challenge the relationship between human and digital interaction. The video share is documentation of this relationship and demonstrates the reactions between the two subjects when captured through a unique application. Using a node based visual programming language, TouchDesigner, and an Xbox One Kinect camera I was able to capture body depth and create a user interactive grid of 3D cubes. I then further pushed this project by adding layers of noise, feedback, and other operators. 

Deep Dream2020, Machine learning & video, 00:00:18
Deep Dream (detail) 2020, Machine learning & video
Deep Dream + GLSL2021, Machine learning & computer generated graphics, 00:00:30


In Deep Dream I challenge human perception regarding what we "really see" vs what we "want to see". To create Deep Dream I started off experimenting within Darshan Bagul's code testing different combinations of layers, octaves, and iterations on different images and short videos. After getting a basic understanding I moved on and spent 2 days of computer power - processing the 280 frames that make up the 00:00:18 video. In 2021 I revisited the original 280 frames and rendered them  through a GLSL engine, resulting in the creation of Deep Dream + GLSL. 

Deep Dream + GLSL (detail) 2021, Machine learning & computer generated graphics
Compressed, 2021, Real time computer generated graphic, variable dimensions and time
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